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Cut It Down and Forget It…

If we choose to nurse our victim-hood rather than treat our wounds, they can become spiritually life threatening.

A story is told about a visit General Robert E. Lee paid to a Kentucky home, where a bitter and angry woman pointed to what was left of a magnificent tree in front of her house. She was upset that Union artillery fire had ruined the shape and beauty of the tree. She wanted General Lee to share her anger. She wanted the great leader to condemn the Yankees and sympathize with her. Lee paused and quietly said, “Cut it down, my dear madam, and forget it.” Lee knew that the ravaged tree would only be a constant reminder of her victim-hood. He wisely suggested that the reminder be cut out so she could get on with her life. That tree would never be the same, and her bitterness would not change that fact.

For so many it is time to follow the words of Robert E. Lee: “Cut it down, and forget it.”