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“What did the Doctor say?”

A man went to the doctor, the doctor examined him and said, Your are a very very sick man and are going to die unless we can do something. He released him from the examining room and invited his wife in.

He said, “your husband is a very sick man and is going to die if you don’t do something.”

She replied, “What can I do?”

“Here is what I want you to do..

1. Always wear your make-up and look very appealing around the house.

2. Prepare him his favorite home cooked meal every night.

3. After dinner soak and rub his feet.

4. Don’t upset or ever nag him.

5. Don’t expect him to do any chores.

6. Make him watch a lot of the sports channel, while massaging his back.

In about 10 or 11 months he should be ok.”

On the way home her husband ask, “What did the doctor say to you?”

“He said, you were going to die soon.”