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Thomas Edison’s Factory Fire…

I heard this story about attitude. It was taken from the book of Thomas Edison’s son. It is about what a right attitude will do in a life.

His son writes the story in his book “The Electric Thomas Edison”, (by the way, the man responsible for over 1,000 inventions before his death) about Edison at age 67 suddenly experiencing a fire in the laboratory. Everything went up with a whoosh. His son writes in the story.

He said, “…when I couldn’t find my father, I became concerned was he safe and secure with all his assets going up in smoke, would his spirit be broken, after all he was 67 years old. Sixty-seven, No age to begin anew most feel. Then I saw him in the plant running toward me. Running fast, “Where is mom?”, he shouted. “Go get her and tell her to bring her friends they’ll never see a fire like this one again.”

Rather than, “oh God what did I do to deserve this. Sixty-seven years I have served you and this is what I get in return…” No, he says, “Hey Son get your mother this is unbelievable. Look at that!!!”

5:30 the next morning when the fire was barely under control he called the employees together and said, “We are rebuilding.” One man was told to lease several machine shops, another was told to obtain a wrecking crane from the railroad. Then almost as an after thought he said, “oh, by the way anybody know where we can get some money?”

His son continues, Later my father said, “you can always make capital out of disaster. We’ve just cleared out some old rubbish. We can now build bigger and better on these ruins.”

With that he rolled up his coat for a pillow, curled up on a table and he fell asleep.